Developing Relationships with Clients

Array Architects Inc. is known for the excellent relationships we have developed with clients. Our clients come to us with a vision and with unique strengths and needs. Our sensitivity and willingness to listen to their concerns has consistently and repeatedly earned their trust over the past 30 years.

Many of our projects are developed within the context of an urban environment, and the structures we create generally outlast members of the community. Communities naturally have legitimate concerns and desires, and these have given birth to a more stringent municipal system within which both the architect and the client must operate.

Proactive Approach to Issues

As architects and planners we recognize the importance of working closely with the municipalities, their planners, and their staff. We are sensitive to what is correct and appropriate for each setting, each environment, each social context, and each neighborhood. We make the municipality aware of the concerns of our clients. We work proactively together to address the issues that are unique to every site.

In this respect we excel as thinkers and visionaries, providing a fresh approach to each project in order to achieve ...

"Sustainable development that withstands the test of time".