who we are

Array, is in business for over 30 years, both locally in Canada and internationally, and is known for multi-disciplinary works of Architecture and Urban Planning, that are timeless, distinctive, and modern.
Our designs are contextual and are manifestations of both the environment and place.

Fundamental to this pursuit is our belief that building design is a progressive and innovative process inspired by our client’s aspirations, the site, history & culture, and available resources.

Good design can make a project successful and profitable. Well-planned and designed projects motivate, and inspire end users and make an affirmative, lasting impact on individuals and communities. We avoid inflexible solutions, instead favoring careful use of light, choice of materials, and details specific to each project’s nature. The end products are functional, beautiful, innovative, and sustainable spaces that are elegantly integrated into their surroundings.

At ARRAY, we work as an integrated and collaborative team under one roof, providing greater design depth, giving pragmatic results, and saving our clients time, effort, and money to enhance efficiency. It also means we can collaborate easily and quickly with one another. Ultimately, working under a project-centric approach enables each project to achieve its most significant potential. Our unwavering dedication to design excellence and community service is supported by advanced thinking in sustainability and high-performance design. Based on our experience designing projects throughout the region, we view sound design and environmental sustainability as interconnected elements of a thoughtful and responsible undertaking.
Our work is grounded by our pursuit of understanding and respecting the natural and historical environment.

Sharing Values

ARRAY takes pride in being a value-driven firm by which our team’s primary and social principles are shaped into a cohesive environment that makes a respectable community.

  • People First: We support one another and treat everyone with respect, empathy, and integrity.
  • Teamwork: We design through collaboration, challenging ourselves and our clients to achieve
  • Rigor: We rigorously pursue ideas to craft transformative, regenerative, and beautiful buildings.
  • Sustainability and Equity: Our work seeks positive social, environmental, and economic impacts.
  • We Give Back: We support and strengthen our community’s cultural and social well-being.


Bridging Knowledge

We foster an integrated approach to resourcing, managing, and designing the physical environment, building on the experience of competent resource experts; we successfully integrate design, research, and professional skills from various engineering disciplines to provide positive solutions for our projects through an interdisciplinary approach to project execution. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the projects designed in our offices; it includes providing our clients with another outstanding design professional globally. This ensures the best local talent is merged with the finest international expertise.

Exercising System

ARRAY’s problem-solving approach to design management is based on a symbiotic partnership between all parties concerned. To that extent, we have created a “groundwork idea session” that presents an intuitive design and management direction while helping us fine-tune strategic thinking. From initial project inception through design development, documentation, and project supervision, ARRAY employs a rigorous systematic process that eliminates information gaps and ensures our solutions align with your project prospects.

Advancing Technology

Our team recognizes that your business is shaped by the technologies they contain. At ARRAY, our highly skilled, proficient team with years of diverse experience works in harmony with the latest building design and construction technologies to create memorable, unique experiences that continuously surpass our preceding achievements. Our objective is to link the theory and history of architecture with the changes catalyzed by the emergence of new building materials technologies, creating designs that merge today’s information, technological systems, and corporate objectives with our client’s needs. Through a coordinated, cross-disciplined process that explores the relationship between the implementation of digital technology initiatives and our built environment, we deliver technologically “smart” architecture that accommodates our client’s needs today and tomorrow.

Maintaining Quality

Every project must have established boundaries and guidelines that promote safety and quality at every level. ARRAY’s Quality Management System (QMS) is certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to ensure ARRAY meets the desired quality that satisfies the client’s needs on the undertaken project. The client’s project begins by having solid quality assurance and quality control programs in place. ARRAY has developed quality assurance and quality control policies to keep all project-related activities on schedule. Each project team member is held accountable for knowing and using these policies. The policies act as the “standard” in communicating information vital to completing all projects.

Our Team

Since our founding, ARRAY INTERNATIONAL ARCHITECTS INC. has always engaged a team of dedicated professionals that combine individual abilities and experiences from diverse backgrounds to deliver innovative and successful projects for each of our clients. Those who work at ARRAY are people of vision who can solve everyday problems and, at times, not-so-ordinary problems. And we are also people who care deeply about those we know and about those we serve each day. We design lasting.
Solutions for individuals, establishments, neighborhoods, and communities. This is our view of excellence.



Design Approach & Philosophy

Our Mission is to provide a humanistic architecture  that is well related to its surrounding area. Character, quality and functional requirements of  the client and the end user are essential  ingredients that give rise to form, planning, and  choice of materials. Hierarchy of spaces and a balance of open and  closed spaces, while maintaining visual interest, are  essential planning design ingredients. Contrast with light, texture, the marriage of interior  and exterior spaces, along with good details, are  characteristics of our work. We believe that modernism, originality, as well as  respect for heritage and local tradition, are equally  important parts of the language of architecture. These ingredients, combined with simplicity,  practicality and good economic sense, together  give birth to … “Sustainable development that  withstands the test of time.”