Oman Healthcare - Salalah-Canadian Healthcare Center


1st, with regard to FINANCE

Please find attached the full Term Sheet for the funding for the Canadian Healthcare project in Salalah.Inside the term sheet, the contact info of the funder (Heungkuk Life Insurance), HSBC Korea and GLM Asset Management.

GLM is my partner firm in Hong Kong that has the contract to deal with the funder (Heungkuk), HSBC will be the confirming bank.

This term sheet must be signed by Sheikh and confirmed back ( to us, GLM and Heungkuk) before anyone from NBAD calls, otherwise no one will know to confirm anything.

2nd, The Healthcare Proposal Model for Salalah - Oman

Also attached is a mock-up of what will be proposed for the project, naturally this will be updated subject to the outcome of the feasibility study, and the terms of our BOT contract.

As I mentioned, the Canadian standard healthcare projects are well known to be the world’s leading healthcare system. 

(See attached National Post article on this matter)

3rd, The ARRAY GROUP Healthcare Team:

For this undertaking, Array Group Inc. is representing a wide range of expertise in the following Interdisciplinary areas:

1.      Strategic and Healthcare Program Planning

2.      Urban Planning, Architecture and Engineering

3.      Hospital Operations Expertise i.e. :

a.      Canada’s world renowned Sunnybrook Hospital and Sick Kids Hospital are part of the Array Group team

b.      KMH, North America’s leading Diagnostic and information management expert, is engaged as part of the Array Group.

c.      One of North America’s leaders in Private Healthcare Operations expertise is incorporated, to help  repatriate Medical care revenue that is currently lost, and to help attract health tourism to  Salalah.

d.      Academic affiliations with some of our leading Medical Universities in Canada as well as in Oman, to facilitate Hospital’s local and international staffing and ongoing training and educational collaboration.

e.      Government to Government collaboration and engagement in the process to insure accountability and participation in the national Healthcare plan