Medical Planning

Design approach

Our Mission is to provide humanistic medical care facilities that are Carefully Researched, Planned, and Designed to be well-suited to the surrounding area. Good research and a carefully considered business plan based on an understanding of the reality of the Healthcare industry on the ground and in the region; pave the way for a successful health facility that could be a destination that attracts clientele from a wide catchment area. Relevance, Character, Quality, and Functional requirements are foremost, to address the clients and the end users and are all essential ingredients that give rise to a successful Healthcare facility.

The functional relationships study and hierarchy of spaces and integration of indoor and outdoor green spaces, while maintaining visual interest, are essential planning and design ingredients. Contrast with light, texture, the marriage of interior and exterior spaces, along with good details, are characteristics of our work. We believe that modernism, originality, and respect for cultural heritage and traditions, are equally important parts of the language of good architecture.

At ARRAY, our team is committed to quality, we believe that strong Project Management while integrating well-coordinated and carefully selected multi-disciplinary thinkers, engineers, and designers in symbiotic collaborations results in successful, quality, sustainable projects delivered on time and on budget.

Medical & Hospital

Medical & Hospital

  • Study of the area to be served, Staff recruitment, and Management approaches.
  • Evaluation of local competition and local and regional market needs.
  • Identify financial factors and goals, such as Construction, Equipment cost, Operating and Management costs, and Projected return on investment.
  • Confirmation of services provided as well as the study of caseloads & staffing requirements.
  • Hospital growth and evolution projections to confirm phasing strategies.
  • Integration of related functions and intra-departmental planning
  • Quiet setting for in-patients and research center.
  • Design for a healing environment, a departure from the old, institutionalized look.

Array has the capability and expertise to manage a project of any size in the most efficient, cost effective manner. We employ high quality key staff and draw upon wide resources that we can make available, even at short notice.