We owe this to future Generations.
Array. From conversations with Ned Allam.

Our approach is always contextual, which means we must deeply understand our environment and the culture of our clients and end users.
Being a Classical Modernist is not a contradiction. We all need to know where we came from. And where we want to be. Knowing where you came from and knowing that you were part of something beyond a single person’s lifetime is a way of reassuring ourselves that our lives have purpose and meaning. We each have a mission “only I can fulfill.”
Part of our fascination with architecture is that it impacts our lives and will remain, usually beyond our lifetime.
Part of the problem we have today is that today’s construction culture is economy driven (How can one reduce cost? And maximize profitability?). This gives rise to developments that are not addressing our humanity and are characterized by impermanence (not worth preserving).
Impermanent modern architecture as we see it (Drywall, use of impermanent materials, gives birth to products that are not worth keeping.
We see buildings that are relatively new being torn down because they no longer possess either functionality or grace in our eyes.
We cannot ignore economic realities, but we can control how we perceive design. We can blend functional modernism with forms that connect us to our cultural past, and we can trust they will endure beyond our lifetime.
That has always been the underlying basis of our model: building an architecture that can withstand the test of time and has its roots in cultural relevance, sound design, and sensitive detailing.
We eventually reach a point in our lives when we ask, “Is that all there is?” Everyone ponders his existence.
Our offspring, our work, and the good memories that we leave behind are what prevail beyond our lifetime.
In that regard, there is no life that is insignificant. We each have a purpose and a function to fulfill. We must carefully reflect on the value of what we leave behind, not its cost!
If one thinks of reincarnation, then our life’s work is an excellent foundation for our future and the future of the generations to come.