Residential and Mixed Use

Introduction to Residential and Multi-storey

Array Architects Inc. and its staff have been involved in a number of residential developments in the US, Canada, and in other parts of the world. Some of these projects have received awards and / or were published in Architectural Publications.

Types of Residential Project Expertise:

  • Custom Homes and Distinctive Residential Projects
  • Subdivision Planning and Design for High income, Mid income, Affordable and Low cost housing projects
  • Low and High rise Housing Projects
  • Sustainable Communities
  • Environmentally Responsive Housing
  • Unplugged Housing and Healthy Homes
  • Smart Homes and Entertainment Centre
  • Condominium & Retail - Pickering Ontario
  • Town House Development - Pickering Ontario
  • Waterfront Townhouses - Georgina Ontario
  • Residence -Elain Trail
  • Islington  Avenue
  • Puerto  las Castas
  • Yonge Street Residence - Toronto Ontario


Residential Custom Homes:

  • SGI Canada, Guest House, 12,500 sq.ft
  • 14 Blain Luxury residence, 10,000 sq.ft
  • SGI Canada, culture centre, Montrea 15000 sq.ft
  • SGI Canada, culture centre, Toronto 25000 sq.ft
  • Elements Wellness Spa & Teaching Hospital
  • Canadian embassy, Cairo Design/build proposal
  • Embassy of Iraq, Ottawa, Ontario Proposal
  • Iraqi Ambassador’s Residence, Ottawa, Proposal


List of Mixed Use Projects:

  • Oak Hills Estates 
  • 875 Kingston Rd Condominium & Retail - Pickering Ontario
  • 7331 Kingston Rd – Retail Plaza & Hotel
  • 5189 Baseline Rd-Georgina  Live-Work Development
  • Mixed use office, retail, hotel and residential development, 75,000 m2
    Dallas, Texas. (WZMH)
  • Mixed use office, residential and retail development, 35,000 m2
    Bay St. Toronto. (WZMH)
  • Met Life mixed use development, 50,000 m2 Ottawa, Ontario. (RDH)
  • Abu Dhabi urban development project residential, commercial cultural
    institutional and mixed use project, U.A. E. Architectural competition.
  • Times development, mixed use project, Richmond Hill, Ontario, (RDH)