Array Healthcare

Medical & Hospital 

•    Study of area to be served, Staff recruitment and Management approaches.
•    Identify financial factors and goals, such as Construction, Equipment cost, Operating, Management cost and Projected return on investment.
•    Confirmation of services provided as well as study of case loads and staffing requirements.
•    Hospital growth and evolution projections to confirm phasing strategies.
•    Integration of related functions and intra departmental planning
•    Quiet setting for in-patients and research centre.
•    Design for a healing environments.

 Hospital Projects

        •    195  Avenue Road – Wellness Centre and Spa - Toronto Ontario
        •    Women's College Hospital, (RDH)
        •    Urgent Care Facility, WCH (RDH)
        •    Communications and Data Processing, WCH (RDH)
        •    Admitting and Central Registration, WCH (RDH)
        •    Radiology and Operating Rooms (RDH)
        •    Medical Day Care Centre (RDH)
        •    Women's Health Centre (RDH)
        •    Medical and Dental offices,  N.Y., U.S.A. (Carlin Design)


  • 24 Bellair Dental Clinic
  • 230 Silvercreek Clinic-Guelph
  • 1375 Southdown Rd., units # 8 + 9, Mississauga, ON